Montparnasse The Piano Bar

Mykonos Greece

Established 1983

Located in Little Venice, Montparnasse looks out to the blue Aegean sea and boasts a postcard view of the famous Mykonos windmills and seaside restaurants and tavernas that line the shore. A favorite spot for watching the sunset, Montparnasse offers its patrons a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere and delightful, exotic and Classic cocktails: the perfect start to an evening in Mykonos! At 10:00 p.m. the bar turns into one of Mykonos' favorite hotspots, featuring some of New York's finest cabaret entertainment until 3:00 a.m.

The Address for the Bar, if you can navigate the daidalic litthe streets and do not get lost (part of the fun!), is:

Agion Anargyron Street, 24

Little Venice

Still can't find us? Give us at call at (+30) 22890 23719.