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Montparnasse The Piano Bar

Mykonos Greece

Established 1983

Montparnasse and Artists

About the Art on the walls

In 1966, a gallery opened on Agion Anargyron Street, in the Little Venice area of Mykonos. It was called Montparnasse, and after a successful season or two of selling paintings and offering drinks to visitors, the owner decided it was a good idea to start selling those drinks. Thus, Montparnasse Bar was born, and has remained in the same location with the same name ever since. Though several people have owned the business in that space over the years, it has always kept the name Montparnasse. Whether out of respect, or out of fear of bad luck, the name has remained and is now known the world over.   When we opened The Piano Bar in the Taxi Square back in 1983, we had a dozen successful years there. After our lease finished on that space, we found the opportunity to move into the Montparnasse location, and happily jumped at this chance to continue our business. Not wanting to buck tradition or upset karma in any way, we gladly combined the two names into one, and so Montparnasse Piano Bar is the result of the merging of two wonderful bars.   Now, 35 years after we began our Mykonos journey, we hope we are still able to bring to our guests those wonderful evenings with amazing music and delicious and creative cocktails that make memories that last a lifetime. We thank you all for being a part of our lives and our journey, and may the friendships we make each season here in Mykonos continue for decades to come.  

This year we are exhibiting art work by several very talented people.

Our dear friend of many years, Luis Orozco, continues to be a major exhibitor at Montparnasse. He and his late wife, Dorlies Shapitz, had paintings shown in our bar for many years, and we are happy to continue to show his latest works.  

Our colleague for many years, Dimosthenis Prodromou a,k,a "Demos", continues to be a major exhibitor at Montparnasse. We are happy to continue to show his latest works.  

Our newest exhibitor is Sam Brennan. Sam is a long time friend and one of the best friends of our dear singer, Phyllis Pastore. Sam has put together several collections of works he’s done, with one particular Mykonos collection being near and dear to our hearts. We include a link to his work and his website, so please take a look at his amazing artwork. You can purchase through his website directly. We’ll be exhibiting a particularly significant piece of his Mykonos collection at Montparnasse Piano Bar. Drop in and see, won’t you?, Sam Brennan, continues to be a major exhibitor at Montparnasse. We are happy to continue to show his latest works.